Fred Vandenberg, Fretless Bassist, Composer, Solo Bass

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Fred Vandenberg Trio

Selections From ‘ Shapes Of Things To Come”

The Journey

Say It Isn’t So


Izzie Meatball

The Knights Fork

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Artist- Fred Vandenberg, Shapes Of Things To Come !

Genre- Jazz Fusion

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Agent- Fred Vandenberg,

Phone- 215-990-2498



Fred Vandenberg- Fretless Bass, Composer

Carlo D’Alessandro-Keys

Tom Cottone- Drums

We are a powerful trio of fusion music !

The music was designed to have an upbeat funky element also every tune has its own specific color pallet . After playing music and composing for nearly 40 years I’ve come up with my own concept of shapes and color pallets. Coming up with shapes harmonically, rhythmically and developing a new soloing language that consists of shapes and how they interact with each other. This and the world class musician combination allowed me to produce this project entitled “Shapes of Things to Come !”

Article written by Fern Brodkin
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